Rep. Rubén Hinojosa is Grossly Misinformed

U.S. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa was asked about the 2nd Amendment the other day and at first drew a blank, not knowing what it was. Then he went on an anti NRA rant that was filled with inaccuracies, misinformation, and downright lies.

Here is the full transcript of the exchange he had on the campaign trail:

Moderator: “Thank you congressman. Please share a little bit of your views on the Second Amendment rights.”

U.S. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa: “There are so many people in Washington who come and talk to us about the Constitution and the rights that they want kept sacred and (sic) that not do anything about them. That we not change them. That we not amend them. And I can tell you that — I’m drawing a blank on the Second Amendment, but I think it’s the weapons, isn’t it? The NRA?

“Well, I have been a hunter and a fisherman. I keep guns. I love hunting. But when I saw what happened in Columbine, in the school back in 1998, when 38 children were killed and many wounded, I decided that I was going to vote and make sure that weekend gun shows have to meet the same requirements you meet Monday through Friday.

“And that is to make an application and have somebody check you out to see if you aren’t crazy and a looney and should not be given a gun. Unfortunately, the NRA put me on a black list. They said ‘Do not touch any of these rules.’ Why? Because you can go buy those guns and you can sell them at great profit. But I said ‘I’m going to do the right thing.’ And I will vote against anything that is going to give weapons just to everybody.

“And especially those machine guns. Why in the hell do we have to have machine guns? And don’t touch that, because NRA will come and put you on the black list. Well, I didn’t go up there to be Mr. Popular. I went up there to do the right thing. To help our community. To protect them.

“And that’s why 80 percent of the NRA bills that they grade you on, I have voted against them. Because in most cases they’re trying to do the things that I’ve just discussed.”

Editor’s note: The Columbine High School massacre happened in 1999. The gunmen killed 12 students, a teacher and themselves.


3 responses to “Rep. Rubén Hinojosa is Grossly Misinformed

  1. Candidates for Congress should have to pass both an IQ test and a Civics test before running for office.

  2. The proper meaning of the Second Amendment can be interpreted
    via JPFO, Inc. at Click on “2A: Today.” The idiot who
    wrote this vile monstrosity is ignorant himself! He is an example of
    what Comrade V.I. Lenin called “a useful idiot!” No, I don’t even own
    a semi-automatic rifle. Too, the NRA has it’s faults nonetheless. But
    I remain damned sick and tired of the anti-gun socialist “LBJ/KGB”
    failed nanny state policies of the past! Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ)
    was our worse president in American history, period! We as a nation
    continue to pay for the deceit, political atrocities, high crimes, and
    treason perpetrated by him, the Earl Warren Supreme Court, and
    their traitorous rotten ilk to date! Oh yes, while at this same JPFO, Inc.
    web-site be sure to view “No Guns For Negroes.” It exposes the
    deceit behind the damnable, odious, and abominable 1968 Federal
    Gun Control Act which was fabricated by a deceitful crooked anti-
    gun socialist senator who later was censored by his own U.S. Senate
    colleagues and later (and rightly so) defeated for re-election in 1970.
    Nowhere do you hear about this scandal from the establishment
    controlled media. Why? Because like anti-gun politicians, socialists,
    etc. they are masters of deceit!

  3. Just the kind of politician that the NRA will give an grade of A.

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