Mini-G M1 Garand – Everything the Ruger Scout Rifle Should’ve Been

Dont get me wrong, I do like the Ruger Scout Rifle. I most definitely love the concept and 100% agree with everything the great Col Cooper had to say about the original…. I am just of the camp that believes that it should be done as a semi-auto, magazine fed design.

And thats where the Mini-G M1 Garand comes in. The Firearm Blog reported on this last week, and I have to say its amazing. IMO, it everything Ruger should have done with their Scout rifle. I realize that they wanted to pay homage to Col Cooper, and from a marketing standpoint I guess it makes for a more marketable product. I believe however that the functionality of a semi-auto in this platform is far more value added… especially with regards to a battle rifle. Throw in the heritage that this country has with the M1 Garand, and this is one amazing rifle. I’ll take three please!


4 responses to “Mini-G M1 Garand – Everything the Ruger Scout Rifle Should’ve Been

  1. That’s pretty sweet 🙂

  2. I was hoping it would be new manufacture, but I couldn’t fathom how Springfield would let that fly. As neat as that little rifle is, I just couldn’t bear to cut up a Garand to make it.

  3. @ Derek — fear not. The majority of surplus Garands on the market are a mish-mash of parts anyway. There is no modification to the receiver to make a Mini-G. The biggest mods are the barrel, which is cut, and the op rod, which is modified. Consider the following quote from an interview Tim Shufflin did with Tactical Life:

    “As for barrels, Shufflin proudly notes that he uses tubes that others would normally throw out. “When I make a rifle from scratch I use barrels that most folks throw away. The only thing I care about is that the throats are under five (every number is a thousandth wear so that there would be no more than 0.005 wear on the barrel). When I cut them down I typically get about a one at the muzzle. That’s a great number to have. It’s a great way to salvage a barrel that otherwise would have been thrown out.”

    The same holds true for the operating rods, “I find many op rods that have been heavily pitted on the gas cylinder end and most folks would have thrown those op rods out but I cut that portion off anyway. I try to salvage used parts that would have otherwise been thrown out,” said Shufflin.”

    The process is reversible if desired; new barrels and op rods are not difficult to source. At the end of the day you are not ruining an existing Garand, and you probably shouldn’t use a rare serial # parts matching example anyway. What you achieve with the Mini-G is to give new life to Garand parts that may have been unsuitable for a traditional Garand build anyway.

    I want one badly, with an Ultimak scout rail and a Leupold scout scope.

    And if you really want a Thumper can drop anything in North America, Tim can convert it to fire .35 Whelen for you. Be still my beating heart.

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