Thats an Expensive Hobby (Especially on That Day) – Vegas, Baby!

Apparently remote controlled airplanes are a really big deal out in Vegas. There are a bunch of small “airports” all over the place out there where people can bring their model planes and fly them out over open sections of the desert. There was actually one right up the road from where we were staying. It was pretty cool cause we could see them fly various planes from our balcony and the kids absolutely loved it.

These are not your typical remote controlled toy planes. If you have never seen these before, they are pretty serious machines (Video below). They’re pretty large, high dollar planes that can range from old-timey bi-planes to more modern jets that actually run on kerosene. Just the engine alone can run you $2,000 – $5,000 and on up. The sky is the limit!

These guys were out there flying their planes pretty much everyday, and we even saw some of the same planes on multiple days… then it all went bad… and an already expensive hobby got really expensive.

We were sitting out on our balcony having coffee one morning when two guys had a couple of jets out there flying around. Typically these guys just flew one plane at a time and did their maneuvers for a while and then brought it in for a landing. These two guys wanted to have a little chase session and played a little game of follow-the-leader for a while. We were sitting there chatting and not really paying it any mind when right in front of us we heard a big “pop” and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of silver go whizzing by. I looked up to see airplane parts come floating to the ground like a special effects shot from ‘Top Gun‘. It took us a minute to figure it all out, but apparently the two jets collided and completely destroyed each other. That silver flash that I saw was the jet engine ripping loose from the plane and rocketing across the desert.

Here is a look at the high dollar carnage:

And that is the jet engine:

“Honey, I need to buy a new jet.”


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