A New, Improved Brownells.com Is Coming Soon

Here is the presser…

You asked and we listened – again. Brownells.com is an ever-evolving tool, and next week we will unveil some big improvements to the site. These improvements will give it a cleaner, easier-to-use interface to help you find the products you want faster.

We have over 75,000 products and thousands of videos, articles and how-to’s on our website. To help you quickly and easily access products and content, we revamped how we display products and how you can find the information you want.

There is even a set of short videos introducing the new Brownells.com features. It walks you through the exciting new “Learn” section containing thousands of GunTech™ videos, articles and schematics for everyone from the beginner to the expert gunsmith.

We really try to give you the right knowledge to make an informed purchase at the very best value. To paraphrase Old John Ruskin, buying the cheapest thing you can find is often worse than paying too much for it, because the cheapest thing probably won’t work like you need it to. When you buy from Brownells, you get the maximum value we can deliver. Everything we sell is supported by our informative content, knowledgeable Gun Techs, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our relationships are built for a lifetime.

We hope you will like the improvements you see next week and find they make your shopping experience at Brownells.com more productive, informative, and enjoyable. And we’re not done: we have many more exciting site enhancements still to come!


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