Daily Firearms News

Here is some more reading material for ya. Today’s firearms headlines from around the web.

Make the jump for all the headlines… Enjoy!


How To Reload 9mm Tutorial Part 2


Windham Weaponry Magnetic Gun Cleaning Mat

MiliPol Qatar: MKE – small arms made in Turkey

NRA Urges Court To Overturn ‘Docs vs Glocks’ Ruling

Bottle-Fly “Knife”

NEW!! SFG-1 Short Vertical Grip from GG&G

Full Auto .50 Beowulf – Umlaut Industries

Your First Rifle

Some Days…LOL!!!

Reader Question: How Proficient Can I Become With Dry Fire?

SIG AMT Catalog Photos

Penny-Pinching Navy Promises Next Carrier Will Cost a Measly $11.4 Billion

EADS – BAE Merger Still Alive!

How to Clear a Carbine Malfunction One-Handed

Bullet vs Cartridge


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