That 3D Gun Printing Project Hits a Snag

The Danger Room is reporting that the web based research project to develop a printable firearm has hit a snag… the company that was supplying them with a 3d printer has revoked their lease and repossessed their 3D printer.

Stratasys’s legal counsel wrote back: “It is the policy of Stratasys not to knowingly allow its printers to be used for illegal purposes. Therefore, please be advised that your lease of the Stratasys uPrint SE is cancelled at this time and Stratasys is making arrangements to pick up the printer,” stated the letter, which Wilson posted to Defense Distributed’s website. The next day, contractors hired by the company arrived at Wilson’s apartment in an Enterprise rental van and took the printer.

It looks like someone in the lease company got wind of this and didnt like it at all. I can see how a company would want to err on the side of caution when it comes to supplying equipment to a project that they believe may come down on the illegal side of things. What they are doing with this project is technically not illegal… they certainly could venture into that area if they manufactured a weapon of a certain class and did not register it properly, but to assume that as a default is kind of ridiculous.

I have a feeling, however, that some lawyer probably looked at this situation and advised the company just to break the lease as the quickest and simplest CYA measure.


One response to “That 3D Gun Printing Project Hits a Snag

  1. crap, I wondering if they could actually do that.
    Now, we won’t know.

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