Daily Firearms News

Here is some more reading material for ya.Today’s firearms headlines from around the web.

Make the jump for all the headlines… Enjoy!


Vortex StrikeFire and VMX3 Magnifier

Army Can’t Say What It Pays Disgraced General to Do


Mistake free shooting

User submit: Devil Company part 2 (29 HQ Photos)

Apocalypse Autos: Conquest Vehicles Unveils Evade

The Guns of John Moses Browning

Great Deal!! PSA 16″ Midlength Premium Pencil Upper

Boxer Tactical Stryker Belt

Troy Industries M7 Upper Receiver/Lower Receiver Upgrade Kit for Tactical AR-15 Carbine Lowers (Video!)

Corrected by Good Women

Review: Maxpedition Jumbo VersaPack

The New Browning A5

Modified Safariland 013 holster to accept a Arredondo Thumb Rest

Tracks, slugs, blinds, and my dear…

Silly Putty VS Block of Clay – Weird Shotgun Loads


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