Daily Firearms News

Here is some more reading material for ya.Today’s firearms headlines from around the web… Enjoy!


Univision Breaks New Details of Obama Admin’s Fast and Furious Cover-Up

Leaked: Remington 1911 R1 Carry

The Definitive List of 2012’s Top Five AR-15s

Fear and Respect

Modified Navy Qualification Drill

A new Mousetrap…but not neccesarily “Better”

True Competence Is Demonstrated, Not Spoken

Ka-Bar TDI

Inner strength through shooting

Calguns Foundation Grassroots Organization Of The Year

Photo of the Day: 10-8 Performance Shirt

Do You Test Your Gear?

Lancer LSX Carbon-Fiber Shotgun Extension Tubes

USMC Wants You to Design a Tank

Where Can You Hunt with a Silencer?

Sit Down: Mitt Romney and the NRA-ILA

Sun Optics Green/Red Dot Sight Product Review SCP-930

HSGI Saiga 12 Mag Taco Pouch

Staff Review: Elzetta ZSM Flashlight Mount

A Second Massive “WHEW!”

Armordillo Concealment Holsters Review


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