The .Five-O Holster from JJ Racaza

Alternate Headline: Ninja

Yes, JJ Racaza has a new holster out…

UPDATE: Ok, so I just unloaded my gun and tried this out as best I could without an actual holster in hand. I have to say, it looks like an amazingly brilliant idea for a holster. Yes, the gun is pointing at your junk… and my even be touching it (depending on the size of your junk/gun) and you kinda have to muzzle yourself to push the gun up… but lets remember here that a holstered firearm is technically safe. I dont know if I would do that speed re-holster though. It also looks like it is indeed as ninja fast as JJ makes it look in the video… Yes, he is a world class shooter who is ninja fast with any draw, but I do think I could probably draw that fast with this holster. I am very intrigued.


4 responses to “The .Five-O Holster from JJ Racaza

  1. Wow. I think I need to put that on my Christmas list. That is crazy fast!

  2. Hmmm…. I wonder if you could carry behind the hip and do a one-handed draw with that thing. I know its safe, but I have a mental hangup with it pointing at “my little friend”

  3. When are they for sale? I could not find them at the site.

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