Remember those “Racist” Stand Your Ground Laws?

Yeah, it turns out that they are not. In fact, a recent study by the University of Florida says that stand your ground laws dont in anyway, shape, or form contribute to all the ridiculous, and sensationalistic charges that the gun grabbers are trying to make.

But here is the kicker… the study was commissioned by the task force in Florida which was supposed to get the results needed to bring down the stand your ground laws across the nation. Oops.

Despite the massive amount of data that was analyzed, the bought and paid for professor heading the study and the gun grabbers had this to say about its results:

(emphasis mine)

The data that we collected in response to the task force request is insufficient to provide a conclusion on this issue,” said professor Monique Haughton Worrell of UF’s law school. “It’s a complex issue, requiring complex analysis.”

Worrell told task force members meeting in West Palm Beach that a more in-depth study would be needed before the university could determine a connection between stand your ground and crime rates, gun ownership or tourism in Florida.

Gun control advocates immediately criticized the report as “disappointing,” saying it did not go far enough to determine the true impact of the stand your ground law.

Yep, if you don’t get the results that you are looking for, then just keep digging, twisting, and inferring until you can construct something that will justify your bogus argument.

This is down right despicable.

*Alternate Headline: Doh!
*Alternate Headline: This is not the research that you are looking for.
*Alternate Headline: Careful what you pay for… you just might get it.


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