Caption this Obama Pic

Here are a few of mine:

*That’s racist!

*Boom! Headshot!

*Congratulations, Mr photographer dude… you just made the Obama enemies list.

*Can we put one in front of Nancy Pelosi’s ugly mug?


8 responses to “Caption this Obama Pic

  1. Talking head

  2. “Forward we much!”

    “Read my face: more new taxes.”

    “Who gave Gary Trudeau a camera?”

    “Talk to the teleprompter, ’cause the face don’t understand.”

  3. Spongbama Square Head

  4. More mindless banter…

  5. This way you can’t see what side of my mouth I am lying from.

  6. tired of looking at me, see I can do the right thing

  7. Can you tell he’s lying if you can’t see his lips moving?

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