We haven’t won… So dont get lazy

You know… I am sensing a definite tone around the gun blogosphere (forums too) that “We’ve Won!”. Well. To be blunt… we haven’t. Even despite the two recent shootings that got the media and the anti-gun crowd all worked up and it doing absolutely nothing to move the public towards the idea of gun control. We still can not claim victory.

I’m going to be simple and to the point here… You know how I know we havent won? Politicians. Thats how. Thats your gauge. Think about it… Yes, politicians pander to gun owners come election time… but in all reality they only pander to hunters. Hunters have won. Politicians wont even think about including hunting in their speeches on gun control…. and they are always deliberate to point out that their proposed “common sense” gun control would preserve the “right” to hunt. They also love to pander to the hunting crowd come election time by strapping on the orange safety vest and proclaim to the world that they are hunters.

Well, I have yet to see a politician whip out his concealed carry permit and proclaim that he is pro-gun because he in fact is someone who participates in everyday carry. When that day comes, when that is the measure of pandering that politicians use to prove they are pro-gun, then you can start doing your victory dance.

We havent won. Not yet. So dont sit back and take things for granted as far as gun rights are concerned.


7 responses to “We haven’t won… So dont get lazy

  1. In all fairness Rick Perry famously whipped out his concealed Ruger LCP while jogging to shoot a coyote that was threatning his dog.

  2. if Obama wins relection, we’re looking at a supreme court that will most likely have 5 Obama appointed justices for the next 25 years plus. We haven’t won anything, not even close….

    • Isnt that the truth. Until Obama showed how much a president can side step congress, I have always thought that was the major underlying reason why the presidential election mattered.

      • presidents have gotten smarter about it too. they appoint young people who are clearly in agreement with them on everything. Obama’s last appointed justice is only 52 and a number of them end up serving into their 80’s. Most conservatives take for granted that for the last 20 years or so the supreme court has been essentially leaning to the right. No sense in passing gun control legislation when it will get overturned in the court. If the court is clearly sympathetic to the cause, that’s a totally different story. This election will shape the court and possibly gun rights for at least a generation. This isn’t getting nearly enough attention.

  3. I did back a local candidate that has held a CCW permit here in MO since they became available. Unfortunately, he did not win the house seat here…

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