Paratus 16 .308 Rifle

DRD Tactical has come up with a new battle rifle aimed at the Spec Ops market… the Paratus 16. Its modular, it can be broken down, but the big thing here is that it is about a 30 second rebuild from briefcase size.

The Paratus was developed for the Clandestine Break-Down Semi-Automatic Rifle (CSR) proposal pursuant to a request listed on an open announcement by Joint & Special Operations Program (JSOP).

Paratus is a quick break down Semi-Automatic Rifle chambered in .308 / 7.62 x 51mm. The Rifle can be assembled in less than one minute without the use of any tools

Paratus is a new Patents Pending design which offers features like Magpul folding stock, a quick change barrel, and fits in a very small hard case, back pack, or Diplomatic Attache case.

MSRP $5,615
CALIBER: .308 / 7.63 x 51mm
WEIGHT: 9.2 lbs
BARREL: Lothar-Walther 16” with 1 in 10 twist
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 20 Rounds (Comes with 2 Magpul P-mags)
BUTTSTOCK/GRIPS: Magpul, Adjustable Folding Stock and Grips
TRIGGER: Geissele 2-Stage
OPERATION: Direct Gas operated Semi-Automatic
FINISH: Nickel Boron


2 responses to “Paratus 16 .308 Rifle

  1. where can I buy one?

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